Facility Information

Entrance Hall

In the Entrance Hall with excellent acoustics, a concert of chamber music is also held seasonally.

entrance hall

Entrance Hall

Exhibition Rooms

Turn to the left at the end of the connecting corridor and you will find the exhibition rooms. First, you will see Exhibition Room 1 where mainly the works by KOSUGI Hoan are displayed including the permanently exhibited work "Spring".

exhibition room 1

Exhibition Room 1

Go further beyond the Exhibition Room 1 and you find the Exhibition Room 2 where seasonal planned exhibitions are held.

exhibition room 2

Exhibition Room 2

Please notice the following rules while in the exhibition rooms.

  • Do not take photographs, copy the works, and use a pen, brush, etc.
  • Do not touch the works and exhibition cases.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke.
  • Do not use a wireless telephone.


After appreciating these works of art to your heart's content, take a rest in the tearoom, "Cafe en Reve".

The enjoyable menus include soft drinks such as coffee, cakes specially made by the Kanaya Hotel Bakery, soft-serve ice cream, and natural-fruit sherbet flavored with brandy and a dollop of yogurt. These are original menus served by one of the representative classic hotels in Japan.

You can also enjoy powdered green tea served with a specially-made Japanese cake called "Rakugan".

To get to the tearoom "Cafe en Reve", go downstairs from the Entrance Hall through the stairs or by using the elevator.

stairs stairwell


The hours of operation are the same as those of the museum. Orders are accepted until 4:30PM. The tearoom is closed when the museum is closed.

You can also enter here directly from the promenade in the garden. You can visit the museum just to use the tearoom.


The external element of the museum is a garden that makes the best use of the trees that have been enjoyed from past generations. When the plantation has to be newly conducted, we use the native species of deciduous trees that can be found around Nikko to blend with the surrounding environment.

flower flower
flower flower


Parking Lot

Hours for admission 8:30AM to 4:30PM

parking lot

Parking Lot

The charge is 510 yen for passenger cars, 1,560 yen for luxury cars, 730 yen for microbuses, and 150 yen for motorcycles.

  • The above charges are per visit (not per hour).
  • For those who visit the museum and/or tearoom, the parking charge is free for one hour or less.
  • If you visit the museum and/or tearoom, have the parking ticket stamped at either location or receive an identification tag (pink chip).
Parking capacity 60 ordinary cars, 3 large-size cars, and 2 cars for physically handicapped persons, 65 cars total.