We at the Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko, would like to introduce to you the various talents of the painter from Nikko, KOSUGI Hoan, and influences that he had on a wide range of aspects in the modern art history of Japan with a basic theme "Affection to Nature", by exhibiting his works including Japanese paintings, oil paintings, and watercolor paintings as well as rough sketches of mainly animals and plants that constituted the base for those works.

Nikko, which was prosperous in the old times, as a gateway town to Mt.Nikkosan and Toshogu Shrine, has been flourishing as an international sightseeing attraction and visited by many foreigners and people of culture even in and after the Meiji era. The intense contrast between the beauty of art found in the architecture of the Toshogu Shrine representatively, and beauty of Nature found in Okunikko with Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji, and more is known to people as far as Europe and America and has been influencing the artists and intelligent people from Japan and foreign countries greatly. Here in Nikko under such a situation, KOSUGI Hoan was born and raised.

We think that it is also an important role of this museum to conduct investigation and research on the affluent Nature and excellent cultural background of modern Nikko that groomed him and plan exhibitions that raise awareness of these aspects widely from the people living in and outside Nikko City.

While keeping to the above basic policies, we, at the Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko, conduct a broad range of activities in order to make this museum more familiar as an educational and cultural facility that is available to you. You are always welcome at this museum. Please be sure to drop in with your family and friends to enjoy to your heart's content the abundant world of beauty that can only be created by the quality art works kept in this maintained environment.